`Marianne Renoir` striped beige suit

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Andreas Moskin is a Lviv-based fashion brand standing for style with a creative twist. The brand has established a design philosophy centred on creating modern menswear, classic but not boring. The brand’s pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice.

About Resort’24 collection `Pierrot Le Fou`

Andreas Moskin Resort '24 collection is drawing inspiration from the cinematic masterpiece "Pierrot Le Fou" by Jean-Luc Godard. This latest collection encapsulates the essence of the film's mesmerizing journey - a fusion of a road movie, a sensual love story, and a poignant exploration of societal constraints, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking seascapes.

At the heart of the Resort '24 collection lies a bold reimagination of men's suiting, where line, color, and shape intertwine to create a narrative that is both distinct and non-trivial. Embracing the spirit of French chic and rebelliousness, Andreas Moskin transcends the boundaries of the classic suit, introducing elements that evoke a sense of cinematic adventure and sartorial freedom.

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